To say I’m all about comic books would be an understatement. I have devoted myself to producing comics for the last thirty years, that I have continually found what is the pulse of contemporary comics and applied  myself to it masterfully it is in the proof of my work.

I’ve worked for every medium connected to it Toys, Boards and Video games, Story boards for commercials and animation, taking on  drawing styles for Hasbro, Disney, Harvey, Archie, Mattel, Cartoon Network and what’s more fun than drawing all this cool Stuff…Teaching kids that they can do it too! I give lectures at schools, library’s, community centers, art institutes, colleges, and Art scape,  a program that takes juvenile offenders and gives them a chance to funnel their energy into something constructive and creative outlet.  I worked on the arts mural project in Philadelphia and  comic conventions.

I am a fish in it’s favorite waters I get to chat and buzz with the fans I become the god of the printed panel …it’s a good life which I’m Always happy to share.



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